Web Automation for End Users

Getting Started
The best way to get started with Helena is to see it in action! Take a look at the video below for a guide to using Helena for the first time.
Key Reminders:
  • To make a program, demonstrate how to collect the first row of data.
  • To add a new cell to the first row, hold down the ALT key, then click on the webpage text that should appear in the next cell, then let up the ALT key.
  • You're only in scraping mode while ALT is held down.
  • To see if your program works, use the "Run Script" button.
Tips and Tricks:
  • Don't use the back button during demonstration -- Helena can't record it.
  • If you run into trouble, just start a new recording! (It's almost always the easiest way.)
And that's it! Go ahead and start making some Helena scripts of your own!

If you want a little more guidance, here are some additional resources for learning how to use Helena:

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