Web Automation for End Users

Ready to get started using Helena? Here are some resources to get you up and running.
Installing: Getting the Helena Chrome extension.
Writing your first program
Demonstration: Guide to using demonstrations to write Helena programs. A good tutorial for getting started.
Using Helena Programs: A tour of how to fix tables, save and use programs, and generally use the non-demonstration parts of the Chrome extension.
Video Tutorial: If you prefer your tutorials in video form, this is the place to start.
Video Tutorial Playlist: A whole playlist of videos showing how to use Helena to do various tasks.
Customizing programs, fixing problems
Editing Helena Programs: A tour of the blocks you can use for editing and customizing Helena programs.
Making Helena Programs Faster: A tour of a special block you can use for making your Helena programs faster and the outputs cleaner.
Tips and Tricks: The little tips you need to know to get your programs working.